Hey hey you rad humans!

got hit hard with the plague and I'm finally realizing I'm alive and not dead. Ok obviously I kid and I'm exaggerating maybe a lot but there may have been a day or two I felt pretty damn miserable. What happened to the old fashioned cold? When it was gone in two days and not like 20 different symptoms that make you feel like you have contracted some type of medical condition that no one has ever heard of? For reals though!

Garlic and ginger have been my saving grace. I have been eating it raw (yes chewing it) every three to four hours and I swear by it!! Not to mention women it's amazing during PMS and pregnancy and can fight morning sickness like no ones buisness. Lord know if you really want to know I can tell you all the amazing things that both ginger and garlic can do for the body and mind. i swear my mind left during labor sometimes ha. 

ok yea for reals.. I'm back and been doing some work in the shop but not as quickly as the norm. My brain fog kind of slowed me down this week and well being momma and my little dude also being sick isn't the easiest at times and he certainly always comes first. We are both doing better and hope daddy doesn't get it. He's always such an amazing helper and amazing husband and dad and does so much for us while we were hot messing it this week. We are certainly blessed with the coolest human on the planet and he is my person till death do us part forvwr and ever amen! 

So whats new? Well the shop is doing awesome. We have for some rope baskets getting ready to add to the store. Will be on display for purchase st our show on the 11th and hope to see the locals there. For anyone else, if you read this and send me code VDAY11 to shannon@theshabbydreamshop.com you can purchase any piece including a custom piece designed for you for 30% off on Feb 11th only. 

im still and will always be taking custom orders, however the turn around time may be changing due to high demand of orders in the shop. Certainly blessed, but expect 7-10 buisness days for yours orser to be shipped after payment if it's a made to order designe. Those days go fast anyways because we work together to designe the perfect piece for you and it's actually a lot of fun. I'm sad actually when I finish each piece bc I get so connected to each designe and all the heart and souls put into it✨❤but that's why it's special and I love what I do. 

If your local and want to have a craft night or host a craft night with your friends let me know and we can make it happen. Kids starting ages 7 up can also have this option for bday parties etc and all supplies for any events for kids and or adults are covered with a fee for each person which will be covered and posted for each event. If you have any ideas or request let me know and let's make the magic happen!

Its Friday guys and it's been pretty damn amazing!! Let's rock this weekend with a vengeance!!!