So I told you it's a lot of catch up lol but to fill in the blanks and really catch y'all up to right now:) if your reading these out of order hopefully your not to confused lol.

 Some of you know me well enough by now, or perhaps many of you considering my Instagram and Etsy is only a month old, your reading my blog for the very first time,. I will ALWAYS  be honest and not sugar coat a damn thing and swear sometimes lol.  What you see is what you get.  What you read is what you get. I sure as hell hope that what you hear, is what you get. 

Unfortunately, we all have haters out there because well, we are human and that is the way the world works and unfortunately you may not always like what your reading here either.  But, I don't have control over that, nor do I give two shits what Billy Bob has to say.  Sure I have feelings and I care, but if there is one thing I have learned, is you can't please everyone, and no matter what, someone will always hate, disagree, and have a different opinion about anything and everything. I have learned who and what deserves my attention and time and who/what doesn't.  I’m a giver, and I care too damn much, I get hurt easy and I cry. I’m human, but I’m also a strong, well-grounded woman who has come a long way and has gone through some crazy shit to get where I am. I'm not about to let someone or something interfere with this journey even if it's somewhere I didn't expect but blessed for everyday.

Well, some of you may have noticed why  I stopped blogging on my business FB page a while ago, as in almost 1 year ago lol.  I was blogging on another website and things recently changed, so here I am on my own starting all over again and pretty damn stoked about it.  I appreciate the opportunities I have landed and those whom I have worked closely with in the fitness industry. Most importantly, I appreciate that I learned what I truly want to do for ME and my family, and to tell you the truth, it’s not what I thought I wanted at all. Crafting in my beautiful home by the beach for a living and not running my gym coaching is still hard to believe but I'm soooo happy! 

If your reading an article for the first time I will share this info again that I have coached for a long time and I am fortunate for the experience and education I have had along the years and the different types of amazing people I have been able to coach.  All ages and fitness levels.  As a prior medic in the USCG, my passion has always been to help others. This is why I love being a coach so much, the rewards are so amazing.  To be able to be a part of one’s journey as they go through each day kicking ass and learning about their body from the inside out and making it something sustainable and most importantly something they enjoy, is an amazing thing to be a part of and has been an amazing ten years doing it.

Aside from not only running my own gym but I did enjoy the opportunity I had working with my prior employer, and am very grateful for it, however, I wasn't in love with the job anymore and I was beginning to lose sight of ME, and my purpose in life and my family.  I built a business from the ground up and one that was fully operational and doing amazing, and I chose to put that aside because O was getting a point I. Weeds to chose and also be a new mom and a good wife. This was a sacrifice I took and one that I believe still made a huge impact on my life in many ways.  

As time went on, I realized I wasn't doing me or doing what I worked so hard for, and deep down beginning to resent it and lose passion.  Coaching is in my blood, and I have to do it daily. So I thought. It’s a huge part of me and what I stood for.  I love it so much and everything about it. I needed that back, and I wanted to go back to just me, myself and I.  I wanted to be able to wake up in the morning with my little dude and run a muck, be on my time, do for me and go back to talking to clients for hours if I wanted to, about health and fitness, life and anything and everything.  So again, I thought this is what I wanted. Until I started and realized the passion that was there, no longer was. It was hard to accept but I needed to accept it and move on. 

As much as I know so many would love to be a part of the industry "up there", and that many question my reason for resigning, and also putting my gym on hold for possibly ever, for me it wasn't all that and a bag of chips. I’m not going to sugar coat a damn thing, or beat around the bush with this.  For you, you may think otherwise, but for me, in the beginning, it was so damn cool, but the more I began to see, and be a part of it, I just felt as if there was a price for every opportunity and started to become disappointed. To be honest, I’m sure the wrong person may read this and think otherwise, but all you will get is nothing but truth here, and the truth is, I felt like a majority of the fitness industry in the social media world is not real or something I believe in.  There is a lot of things I don't agree with and dishonestly. There is so much that goes on and some I just can't believe in nor support.  I believe in taking care of your body in the healthiest of ways and being honest and true to yourself and those you motivate and inspire daily. This too is not at all how I would see things up there in the height of the industry. Sure there were incredible people I was able to meet and learn from but less then I had hoped for.

Something I thought in the beginning would be incredible and a dream to be a part of, began to be something I wasn't fond of at all, nor a place I feel like I could be me anymore.  What each individual athlete does in the fitness industry is totally their thing and anyone can do as they wish.  Just like with every person that walks this planet athlete or not. I support the fact that everyone has their own opinions and way to treat their body and live their life.  This does not mean, however, I support their belief just like I don't expect you as a reader to agree with everything I have to say.   It was just my time to step down and go back to being mom and starting fresh with my new take on life and what I wanted. coaching, running my gym, operating things on-line and being the best mom and wife to my boys and fur kids in a much more simplified and healthy setting seemed like the perfect thing.. again I tried it and it wasn't fair to my clients that even though I gave a hundred percent if not more I was not enjoying it anymore. 

 As a new mom to an amazing little dude, Gavin, I wanted to be the best mom possible and give him the best life possible from the moment he entered this world and every day after.  I needed to find happiness again and not just for me, but my family. Family is everything to me.  I will say, this was one of the hardest decisions in my life.  There was such a strong emotional attachment and so much hard work put into everything I was walking away from with my business and previous employer.  I will never forget a text I received on the day I decided to step down, "Family is the most important".  Those were the words I needed to see at that very moment in time.  And those words were so damn powerful at that very moment. 

I am more passionate about what it is I want now more than ever, and that is to wake up every damn day and do my best to be the best ME I I can be, mom wife, friend and lover of making shit and if I can do that then t’s a pretty amazing day and everything else is a bonus.  

I want to give my little boy one hell of a life, and my husband the best company he deserves.  I want to wake up with a full heart every damn day with these two boys and my wolf pack and our little fur potato Mrs Cookie and JUST LIVE!  Whatever happens between waking up and laying my head on my pillow at night is a bonus. 

I don't need to be "Big", I don't need to be "popular", I don't need a shit load of followers. I don't need any of that to do what I love. I just want to design some really cool unique shot  and love my family unconditionally. 

Certainly everyday I still and always will take care of myself from the inside out and having that amazing healthy energy to live and be mom.

For  those who are unfamiliar with the "OBX", this is known as The Outer Banks.  This was my 4th cross country move, and 11th move overall in the 13 years I have been attached to the military. 10 of those years I was active duty (retired now medically) and the past three moves with my husband and best friend of 8 years, who is a Rescue Swimmer in the CG going on 9 years. Every day is a bigger and better blessing with him. 

Almost 15 months ago Gavin Richard Parra was born and it has been one hell of an amazing crazy beautiful ride.

So now you are all caught up and have an idea of the shenanigans you will get when you join this fun wild ride with the parra family:) most of the blogs will be about the shop and how and why I do specific designs and answered questions for you rad humans and the other percent will be our life as a whole and what drives me every day and my biggest why in life! Everyone of you should always have a "why"!