For starters I want to explain why this post here. If you want to truly k ow my passion and why, you must know where it came from and how I got here. As I have mentioned I have owned and operated my other Buisness Anchor Strength & Wndurance. Still own it and you never know what could happen but for now I have chose to end my coaching career and be with my family even though it was. Wry sussefull but very time consuming and a lot of work. 

Apart od designing my pieces has had a lot to do with where my soul is and how I process things in life and what I believe in and how truly oasssionate I am about this opportunity to make this life ours and own it. Realizing what we have and how we will use it. So, here I explain the reason i named my buisness what i did and how it plays a roll in what I currently do and how symbolic it is to my life and my designs and how balance on the inside is so much more important then balance on the outside. As a coach I think that was the hardest thing to teach my clients. How we live on the outside is so important but so many believe otherwise. Positive vibes is so important and my pieces deliver just that. I wanted to do something that gives love and light and something positive!.

The meaning behind my business “Anchor Strength & Endurance”

"In life's deepest waters, let me be your anchor".

The anchor is a symbol for “stability” and building and maintaining a strong foundation. In this world of shifting morals and values, the anchor reminds us to stay grounded and find something that will always anchor you. 

Building a strong foundation, both physically and mentally is so important. Finding balance these days seems nearly impossible with the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. There are so many misleading expectations and resources that its leaving so many completely exhausted of wanting to better themselves, both physically and mentally. However, there are ways to balance this life.

When I named my business, I put months of deep thought and pondering into it to ensure it was something that defines me and what I believe in. I’m not just an experienced coach, but a coach that will assist in ones journey closely. I will be highly committed until you have reached your desired goal, before moving on to another, both mentally and physically. I will push you, mentor you and hold you accountable to become the best version of you, both inside and out. It’s about finding your true happiness, believing in yourself, and most importantly, trusting that you can do anything as long as you put in the work. I’m not going to just give you a piece of paper with workouts or general foods and say go. Anyone can do that if you ask me.

Most importantly, I want to be the coach that guides you forward so you don’t focus on the past. Instead, focus on something that will continue pushing you forward closer and closer to your goals and what it is you desire. Anything that happened in the past should only add to your fire to kick ass and ride forward with a burning desire to make some magic happen. The journey forward is rewarding in itself, if you just enjoy the ride and take it all in.

The anchor is not just a cool symbol but a symbol that is very symbolic to my life. I have a script tattooed on my left foot reading “I am the captain of this ship, I refuse to sink and while you are drowning at sea, I will sail without surrender” Meaning no one knows my body anymore then I do and the strength both mentally and physically I have endured to get me where I am today. After such a serious injury that impacted my life and forced me to retire after 10 years in the military, I had doctors tell me I wouldn’t be able to do this or that, but they were all wrong. I kept going and look at me now. I’m not going to stop and I’m only going to keep on keeping on. 

There is no expiration on our goals or our desires.

This life we live is an amazing, crazy, beautiful journey. Don’t get lost in the shifting values of society today and remind yourself who you are and what you believe in. Your overall purpose and what it is you want out of life. No one or nothing is going to have any more control over what it is you desire, except for YOU!

So dammit go out and get it!

photo credit M.M.Peerfilms @mmpeerfilms