3" Mini Mermaid Dream Catcher


Every design from my mermaid collection features a double sided gold plated mermaid in the center of a 2" or 3" beautifully wrapped metal or pine wood ring with magical silks and all sorts of beautiful textiles from every shade of color in the rainbow. The mermaid bringing any and every design to life and good energy. Mermaids symbolize beauty and strength. Something every little girl should never go without! The tail symbolizes the mermaid with beautiful whimsical long textiles that can also be made as a CUSTOM or a replicate to any pictured.

Price includes your own CUSTOM design (label "CUSTOM" in notes so we can talk about your perfect piece), or choose this piece pictured to have replicated, or any of my stunning and dramatic wall hangings handmade with love.

Each piece with special handcrafted accents to add visual interest and an element of nature for your favorite space.

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