Because everyone should make time to Dream bigger✨

Hey Hey you rad humans!!

So, I figured it's about time I start my blogging back up. The only difference for those who have been following me through the past few years, it will now be here and not my coaching/training website. If you haven't noticed my life has made some big changes the past year but changes that im blessed for every day.

Long story short for over over a decade I was a personal trainer/coach and certified nutritionist running my own gym and doing pretty good and the past three years working with another partner Ashley Horner. Due to life changes and buisness opportunities we took separate paths.

I worked hard and I was good at what I did and my buisness was very successful. However, baby boy came along and life changed and instead of it bogging my brain down due to the hormonal rages that come with being a new mom, it was then when I truly knew what I wanted in life. I thought running my own buisness and doing what I thought was my number one passion was the best gig. working when I wanted but the truth is even though I ran the show, I hustled HARD! I worked a lot but that's the way I am. I give it my all and I do my best and give until I can't give anymore. My clients were happy and that's all that matters. But then...I found myself not giving all my energy to my little dude. I don't half ass anything and I was picking and choosing everyday and not able to be the mom I wanted to be. I was coaching clients all over the world and on the computer A LOT and always at my gym or moving somewhere. That's not what I pictured and certainly wasn't going to allow myself to rush any more moments of my little dudes world nor push more time away from my family then I felt like I was starting to do. I also had a bigger more higher profile job so really the only option was to kick ass everyday which was fine but if you got behind it for stressful so I didn't let that happen but it affected me and my family. I was losing my passion but becoming disappointed with the fitness industry to be honest with you. Somewhere I spent over a decade perfecting and learning and growing, I hit that moment when I realized I didn't want to do it anymore.. so there is a lot more in between it all but that's the just of it. I realized that it was my passion at the time but because I did it so long I was not aware of the other things I pushed away that unruly loved doing like crafting. I crafted since I was a little girl and always had a big imagination. If I was putting it to some kind of material or making stick figures with branches I was putting it on paper in words. A lot of people don't know this but I'm a pretty good writer too and loved English. My grammar sucks don't get me wrong lol, but I can write for days and love how good I feel when I do. I have an imagination for days and a brain that NEVER stops lol. Sometimes I wish it could slow down just a little and not only when I'm sick on my death bed when I'm already a hot mess ha.

Anyways, so after making dreamcatchers for gifts for friends and doing all sorts of things here and there through the years, refurbishing furniture, building stuff, painting signs and making almost any object work for some kind of masterpiece I to pull my stuff out and start playing again one day. It felt so damn good. I made another dreamcatcher for my good friend's little girl's room and that's when I realized I wanted to spend my time doing just that and back in my crafting world.

I was always told through the years by friends "you should sell those" and honestly I always replayed the same with "it wouldn't be as fun doing it for others and it would get old". So I assumed anyways because well that's what happens with many of us and what we are doing sometimes. So I just kept pushing it off and when the time arrived for a gift here and there I broke the stuff out and decorated our entire boho themed wedding with all my own work from beautiful unique table runners, decorated mason jars, signs and dreamcatchers that were hung all over in the woods. So beautiful.

So had a few inquiries about the one I made for my girlfriend's little girls here a couple of months ago that I posted and was surprised how many people loved them, within a week I was getting orders everyday. Consulting with them and making the design custom to their space. It blew up and I'm still so humbled by all the support and how amazing you all have been.. so here I am. It's been a little over a month that I made my passion a little buisness that is going absolutely amazing! Have so much to share with you but wanted to start off with how I got to this point and THANK YOU!! Thank you for reading this and supporting my magical and fun little biz come alive and allow me to be with my family and live this amazing life to the fullest without missing the little things in life❤❤

Be back soon!

Much love from the obx 🤙

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